Tracing and Locating

Overcoming Absconders and Moves

Experience shows that parties are frequently found to have moved from given addresses. Such situations may comprise either a deliberate attempt to evade service of documents or simply a run-of-the-mill change of address.

As a matter of routine, our process servers make extensive enquiries on the doorstep, with neighbouring residents and indeed through any other source which could potentially provide information beneficial in determining the whereabouts or new location of the party to be served. On occasion, it may prove advantageous to conduct periods of surveillance in order to obtain requisite information and again we are pleased to carry out the same upon due instruction. Such enquiries require skilled investigative techniques in which all field staff at Associated Process Servers are highly trained and qualified.

The results and leads which arise from our enquiries are relayed to our clients to ensure that they are kept fully apprised of all relevant circumstances and therefore able to instruct us appropriately for the highest level of performance and case progression.


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