Advantages and Superiority

A number of key factors continue to give Associated Process Servers its immense and undoubted advantage over any competitor and inspire enduring confidence from its ever-expanding client base:


Associated Process Servers is the leading firm of specialist process servers in the industry and without doubt dominates the profession.

At Associated Process Servers, process serving is undertaken with a passion and commitment which extends far beyond the fact that it is the nature of our business – rather process serving is a passion relished by all those who are part of our company. To excel as a process server, and all that involves, is a trait at the pinnacle of our goals

The company applies its uniquely innovative approach to process serving on behalf of legal firms, debt collection and debt purchase businesses as well as the general commercial, private and government sectors. Decades of developing this approach has enabled Associated Process Servers to reach the pinnacle of its field and provide its clients with exceptional quality and efficacy of service.

Our client base exceeds over 2,000 firms in the legal, corporate, government and private sectors with the same varying in size from sole practitioners to multinational blue chip companies.  Naturally our impeccable standards of service are uniformly maintained across the board.  Volume work is provided at highly reduced rates and is an aspect of our business which we undertake with such efficacy that our clients can eliminate the need to monitor any part of their process serving requirements from start to finish.

Associated Process Servers is a firm uniquely structured to maximise the benefits it provides to its clients. We specialise in a niche but crucial area of the litigation and debt recovery procedure which enables us to provide exceptional results with enormous economies of scale.

Traditionally the role of process servers has been incorporated into the duties allocated to outsourced or in-house litigation or debt recovery departments. However we have successfully proven over time that segregating the process serving aspect of the procedure and allocating the same to our specialist team leads not only to substantial reductions in overheads but also to substantial increases in overall successful recovery. At the same time, use of our specialist services provides your own workforce increased time and energy to focus on your more primary activities.